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«La chameleon's ability de adaptarse a los cambios.»

We develop business solutions on Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence. Our objetivo is to generate the greatest business impact by exploiting the advantages offered by digitization.

We use technology to make life easier for companies and their customers.

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Our challenge is to improve their competitiveness in the era of digital transformation.

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We adapt the solutions to the needs of each company by accelerating their results.


Business Intelligence​

Business intelligence is a tool that allows the extraction, integration, data analysis and visualization of business parameters. It provides all the information and knowledge in real time needed to achieve better decision making.

Customer Experience​

Customer intelligence is the method of collecting and analyzing customer data to understand their behavior in detail, so that companies know the best ways to interact with customers in a personalized way.

Employee Experience​

The employee's experience is the perception of his or her journey through all the points of contact in a given company, from applying for a job to leaving the company.

Cognitive automation

It is a solution that allows the digitalization, classification and treatment of information from physical documents, through artificial intelligence.

Data Productivity

Data management is the process of storing, organizing and maintaining a company's data, which facilitates the extraction of value for better operational decision making and strategic planning.

Talent identification

It is an Artificial Intelligence solution that discovers and proposes the necessary skills for each job and identifies the most suitable candidates for each position.


Iv awards technology and innovation - The reason

Qaleon has received the award to the company of business solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence, in the IV Technology and Innovation Awards granted by the newspaper La Razón.

These awards recognize the work of professionals and companies that, day by day, contribute to the progress of society and help to improve the competitiveness of companies in a changing environment.

Other achievements

APD's award as an innovative company 

C.A.M. Funds for Youth Employment Support




Sobre nosotros

We are an artificial intelligence and business intelligence company. We use technology to improve the lives of our clients. We provide companies with technological solutions to be competitive in the era of digital transformation.