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The new talent revolution


A couple months ago, Steve Case, co-founder and CEO of AOL, said that the next great technological innovation would not occur in Silicon Valley and he’s launched a job network to prove it.  But what does this mean exactly?

For the last four years specifically, he’s been focused on what he called “Rise of the Rest” approach, dedicated to fostering the growth of startup communities outside Silicon Valley, New York City, and Boston – which receive 75% of all venture capital in the United States.

The Revolution Talent Network, as it has been called, will be used as a listing of all available jobs in Revolution companies. It refers to the fact that technology profiles should not feel obliged to go to the coast to have a professional development. For this, Case intends to draw a new map of opportunities in US cities to help build companies that create real value and make a real difference. The “Third Wave” of the Internet in the United States is beginning, where the Internet of things will stop being a novelty and start to be part of the day to day of the industries and will transform from agriculture to logistics. All this will require a business infrastructure, capital and talent.

The Talent Network is intended to be a small way of working towards the retention of talent. Do you think it will be a new way to retain talent?

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