The importance of the user experience

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When we talk about user experience we refer to the perception that people have when they use a certain product or service. Accessibility and usability are two terms closely linked to the user experience. In the end, a product is an integrated set of experiences.

The behavior of consumers varies over time so it is essential to analyze their needs to improve their experiences. The use of technological devices and the demand for interactive user experiences have increased. Designers must be aware of new UX trends to meet future demands and new design requirements.

The design has to be adapted depending on the different devices. The way in which we interact with the content is different depending on the different platforms, so it has to be adapted to each of them. The same information and structure should not appear in IPad as in Mobile.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to capture the attention of users. Today, companies must tell a story about the digital experiences they offer. The user has to be part of the content, to be the protagonist of the story. The interaction of the contents is very important, to achieve that the user and the device are united forming a connection that motivates the users to want to dedicate time to it.

Personalization is an important factor. In the retail sector it is fundamental because it allows the client to trace the product completely from the moment he buys it until he obtains it. In addition, it facilitates the purchase of related products and the possibility of offering products that may be of interest. All of this helps improve the shopping experience, ensures security and facilitates the shopping process.

Artificial intelligence today plays a very important role. In a short period of time, artificial intelligence may even detect emotions and feelings of users which will help us to have a greater customization of a product or service.

Many more trends will make the user experience more and more exciting. Consumer habits have changed and users are not loyal to a particular brand. Purchasing decisions are marked by attributes that go beyond brand identification. The key is in differentiation and this comes through good strategic planning.

The process for its design is related to understanding and designing the user experience from start to finish, and not just the aesthetic aspect and functionalities of a site. Customers ask for something tangible immediately, but first we must understand business requirements and user needs. Customers’ thoughts about a product are mostly influenced by the experiences and sensations while using it. A good user experience produces passionate and happy customers, which impacts the price of a product or service and adds value.