The 5 most demanded skills in technology profiles

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With the advances in Cloud Computing, Big Data and mobile technologies, we are heading towards a new information paradigm, which brings with it new technological profiles.  The landscape of most demanded technology jobs is characterized by a focus on software development, cybersecurity, and data science that dominate all industries.

1. Cybersecurity engineer

As technology advances, cyber attacks are becoming increasingly common and harmful. So for companies, information security professionals are increasingly critical to defend against advanced cyber attacks, hacking, and persistent threats.

Enterprises increasingly rely on data for their day-to-day business operations. These IT professionals ensure that enterprise IT initiatives are safe from potential threats inside and outside organizations.

2. Machine Learning Engineer

Artificial intelligence is slowly gaining a place in our daily lives. Machine learning helps improve business scalability and improve the business operations of companies around the world. Through a class of data-driven algorithms they are able to make software applications highly accurate in predicting results without the need for explicit programming. These professionals perform sophisticated programming, working with complex data sets and algorithms to train these systems.

3. DevOps Engineer

DevOps offers faster code implementation with fewer failures, so more and more companies are hiring experienced DevOps engineers to oversee coding, scripting, and process development. DevOps engineers often manage the IT infrastructure, provide resources, oversee software testing, and monitor post-publication performance. DevOps engineers help simplify code updates, allowing companies to adjust and improve.

4.   Blockchain Developer

More and more companies need developers who understand the block chain, intelligent contracts and can create decentralized applications. Because Blockchain is one of today’s most advanced technologies, block chain professionals are increasingly in demand as organizations explore what technology can do to improve business and operations. A block chain developer specializes in developing and implementing architecture and solutions using this technology.  Security is one of the main reasons companies choose Blockchain. It is decentralized and stores data through the network eliminating all the risks that come with the centralized system.

5. Mobile application developer and device management

Web, software, and mobile developers are responsible for designing, installing, and maintaining the right systems for efficient operation. Companies are not satisfied with websites, they are investing more and more in mobile application development. The job requires coding, designing and building mobile applications, working with multiple languages. Developers must be able to understand customer requirements and be able to offer recommendations to improve mobile applications to ensure the satisfaction of user needs.