Our team

How we are

Qaleonians are adaptable, flexible and curious. We love trying out new things. We are hard-working, quick learning and friendly people who always help each other and embrace diversity and innovation. We are always ready to learn and share. We are grateful and humble, open to suggest or adopt new ways of doing thing better. We only succeed when our clients do. This is how we make a difference in the world!

Our team

We believe that people are the most valuable asset in the knowledge economy. We create expert clusters around the products and services. We activate high-profile technology talent for our client organizations in days, providing the flexibility they need and meeting the necessary requirements. Our multidisciplinary team comprises expertise in development, Big Data, ML, AI and UI/UX to provide a real competitive advantage around today´s digital challenges.

Our specialities

Data Management & Big Data

This domain comprises talent specialized in Data Management and Big Data

UI/UX Design

Experts that understand and bring what good UX and UI means, engaging from the idea to wireframe, to prototypes and final solutions that delight customers


Experts with hybrid skills in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning disciplines


Experts in growingly important disciplines within the Cybersecurity and Blockchain

Digital Game & Animation

Creative and innovative talent in videogame design, creation of digital content, gaming disciplines, videogame programming, usability and testing


Experts that supports applications and SW systems creation and maintenance