Revolution of the shopping experience

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The different segments of today’s market resort to artificial intelligence to save time and money, facilitate the streamlining of the work process and increase profits. In the retail sector, companies are able to improve the consumer’s shopping experience by reducing costs. Artificial intelligence will change the life cycle of the customer in retail, benefiting both retailers and consumers.

From customer data held by retailers, artificial intelligence has created the opportunity to provide a more personalized and enhanced shopping experience. Small data, unlike large data, is where retailers should focus in today’s market. This data deepens the buying objective and based on it offers a more direct and personal shopping experience.

Omnicanality as a crucial factor

Omnicanality makes customer service more effective. Thanks to the multichannel approach offered by omnicanality there is a significant increase in traffic flow. The implementation of chatbots and automated messaging provides an efficient way to streamline and manage this traffic through direct interactions and eliminating unnecessary contact points.

The great growth of the use of voice assistants has made the integration of voice technology a good purchase strategy. This will also affect chatbots, who will begin to include this conversational functionality and understand the voice messages that users send.

Social Commerce

According to data from a study carried out by, 6 out of 10 Spaniards are already mobile buyers. This trend has meant that online stores have to adapt quickly to new ways of buying. Therefore, it is essential that the online shopping experience is impeccable. It is a plus point that stores can help customers locate an item, get answers to their questions and discover how a product can make their lives easier through branded applications.

Artificial intelligence as a perfect solution

Technologies based on artificial intelligence offer more and more solutions and improvements in the customer experience. Using AI, Machine Learning, and natural language processing technology, retailers can give customers the power to get instant, in-store support. Consumers demand information and fast answers 24/7, chatbots have become one of the protagonists of the digital revolution driven by artificial intelligence. In 2021, more than 50% of companies will spend more on chatbots than traditional mobile application developments.


Not only is the technological factor important, the human factor is also necessary. Relationships and emotional intelligence are the key to providing a better customer experience, and those are skills that only humans can provide to a buyer. By combining IA-related technology, such as chatbots, voice assistants, lo and data analysis, with the human emotional element, retailers will build customer loyalty and achieve good market positioning.