The road to sustainability goes through Innovation

SineQia is a solution that provides companies with a real diagnosis in terms of sustainability, analyzing three dimensions: economic, social and environmental.

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The three SineQia Drivers

Social sustainability

It is a proactive way to manage and identify business impacts on employees, value chain workers, customers and local communities.

  • Helps companies unlock new markets.
  • Attracts more talent and new business partners.
  • Increases employee motivation and commitment.
  • Improves risk management and minimizes conflicts within the company or between the company and the community in which it operates.

Environmental sustainability

It is the efficient management of natural resources in the productive activity of the company, allowing their preservation for future needs.

  • Anticipates more restrictive legislative frameworks in environmental matters.
  • Reduces material and energy needs.
  • Differentiates by providing solid value arguments for products, processes, activities and services.
  • It is a differentiating factor based on quality.

Corporate governance

It involves the search for business efficiency in the management of resources.

  • It takes care in the selection of suppliers.
  • It reduces its environmental impact and takes care of manufacturing processes.
  • Improve your productivity, your response to customers and consumers, your external reputation or the attraction of talent.

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