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Manage and drive your company's sustainability

SineQia is a Business Intelligence solution that provides companies with a sustainability diagnosis, analysing all dimensions: corporate governance, social, environmental and economic sustainability.

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Validation system - Dialogue with stakeholders

We apply the survey method as a technique for dialogue and active listening to stakeholders to assess the impact of activities, products and services and relations of organisations with stakeholders. One of the key points for the preparation of the materiality analysis, as established in the GRI reporting model.

Validation system - Stakeholder dialogue - sustainability diagnosis - Sineqia
Compliance - Know the risk indicators sineqia sustainability diagnosis

Compliance - Know the risk indicators

The company will be able to know the level of compliance with regulations and the main international sustainability standards.
SineQia provides you with the analysis and visualisation for reporting in accordance with Law 11/2018 on non-financial information and diversity, meeting the indicators of international standards such as GRI (Global Reporting Initiative).

SDGs - A holistic view on sustainability

Analysis and assessment of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) for their application in business strategy.
Select the relevant indicators for your organisation taking into account sector, market and competition.

SDGs - A holistic view on sustainability - sineqia sustainability diagnosis
Non-financial reporting - Manage and report all sustainability activity - sustainability diagnostic - Sineqia

Non-financial reporting - Manages and reports on all sustainability activity

Make your company a benchmark in management transparency to achieve environmental, social and governance sustainability with a non-financial information management system that automates the process of data collection and consolidation.


Enhance your reputation with sustainability

Real-time monitoring of KPIs

Real-time tracking of KPIs and real-time performance metrics.

Managing suppliers in the supply chain

Manage suppliers in the supply chain through assessments that help reduce reputational risks.

ESG impact assessment.

The ability to use data to identify ESG impact.

Improving commitment to ESG criteria sineqia sustainability diagnosis

Improved stakeholder engagement on economic, social and environmental issues.

ESG budgeting and forecasting sineqia sustainability diagnosis

Use data for budgeting and forecasting.

Do you want to have a greater impact on your business performance?

Get extra functionality

With Qalify, you can not only have a real-time visualization of your company's sustainability compliance data, but a predictive analysis of the sustainability levels your company will reach to adjust the use of resources to take advantage of possible future developments, improve operational efficiency and reduce risk.

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