Establish good relationships with your target audience

Realizamos la planificación y organización de los recursos de una empresa (personas, herramientas y procesos) para mejorar directamente la experiencia de los empleados e indirectamente, la experiencia del cliente a través del diseño y el marketing digital

Qaleon | diseño y marketing digital

DISEÑO y marketing digital

What does our service consist of?

  1. User Experience: We focus on developing solutions based on user knowledge with the objective of making our solutions viable and adaptable.
  2. User Interface: We design and implement an interface to create a viable solution for your business.
  3. Customer Experience: We improve the interactions a customer has with the company, from website navigation to customer service and product/service reception.
  4. Employee Experience: We improve an employee's perception of the company.
  5. Digital Marketing: We leverage digital channels to connect with current and potential customers.

What is the methodology we use?

Depending on the projects, we use the methodology that best suits: Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Agile, Lean UX, SOSTAC, Inbound Marketing, RACE.

Servicios de Desing thinking, desing sprint, Race, metodología AGILE, LEAN UX, Inbound marketing o Sostac.


The objective is to align processes, operations, internal culture and technology to serve people.

Design of a culture of innovation.

Designing ideal human interactions

Consider all those involved

Consider all those involved

Create consistency with service design

Create consistency with service design

Service design integrates change

Service design integrates change

Eficiencia en los procesos

Encourage creativity and collaboration

 NEOTEC 2020 Program

CDTI iniciativa Programa NEOTEC 2020

C.A.M. Funds for Youth Employment Support

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Innovative SME

Innovative SME