QeKiero creates unique shopping experiences

Qekiero is a Qaleon solution that helps create a personalized shopping experience by improving Customer Intelligence and the perception of your brand.


Focusing on the needs of our clients, we offer a personalized experience to strengthen the relationship with each client.

Analyze customer behavioral data

Behavioral segmentation helps you understand how to address the particular needs of a customer segment, uncover opportunities to optimize your customer journeys and quantify their potential value to your business.

Analyze your users' preferences

It allows us to know the customers' purchasing desires in order to offer them the product that best suits their circumstances.

Improve the relationship with your customers

Thanks to the analysis of the customer journey, we can get to know their behavior in real time, and thus offer future recommendations.

Increases sales efficiency

Optimizes time and speed to market for new offers throughout the customer journey.

Why QeKiero


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Customer retention


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