Exploiting the value of real-time data

Qalify is a Qaleon solution that helps companies make the best decisions for the success of their business, using Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence.


Qalify allows you to measure and visualize your KPIs in real time to make plans and strategic decisions with high business impact.




What you get with Qalify 

To have real-time access to your business information, with which to plan future business strategies and make high-impact decisions.

Segment your potential customers and improve the products and services offered to them, thanks to the analysis of customer behavior and trends.

Establish objectives and concrete actions aligned with business strategies, thanks to its ability to create predictive models based on the data collected.

Optimize your processes and resources in all areas of your business, helping you to achieve success in business management

Easy to use

Qalify is a fully flexible solution, designed to adapt to the needs of your business and act in all areas, providing great added value.


Qalify is designed so that you can consult it on any device, and thus have access to your updated business data wherever you go.


The Qalify workspace will allow you to have all your different dashboards integrated into a single platform, so that the information will be easily and quickly accessible.


Qalify adapts to your needs. By establishing your company's business KPIs and data sources, Qalify will be able to extract value from the data and help you make the right decisions for your business.


Qalify will allow you to stay ahead of the competition and the current market situation thanks to its ability to create predictive models.


Thanks to its flexibility, Qalify can be integrated into any industry and business area.


Qalify will enable you to know the most relevant data about your product sales and customer consumption trends, allowing you to position yourself ahead of your competition.


Qalify insurance allows insurance companies to have a better understanding of their customers, to set more accurate premiums, design and offer tailored products to their customers.


Qalify can be adapted to any industry sector to connect all data sources and improve aspects such as productivity, automation and energy efficiency.


Analyze in detail the occupancy data of your hotel establishments, such as average billings, customer profile, services most demanded by guests and average stay thanks to Qalify.


It allows you to know how your stakeholders perceive your company, its actions and its behavior, thus having a total vision of the company's reputation and giving you the ability to manage your intangible assets.


Qalify allows the optimization of the entire supply chain, analyzing points of improvement in energy efficiency, working times, space optimization, etc.