Our solutions

Our solutions

Our Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence solutions help companies make real-time decisions with a direct impact on business profitability.

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Want to know how our artificial and business intelligence can help you?

Identify the ideal technology candidate in one click

AlizIA is a solution that helps companies find the 21st century technology talent they are looking for.

Identify profiles and skills that are most in demand in the market and provide a ranking of the candidates that best fit your job offer.

Transform your talent for the job of the future

Employable is a solution that helps the development of talent: both those who are entering the labor market for the first time and those who want to continue their professional development.


Exploiting the value of real-time data

Qalify is a Business Intelligence solution that helps companies, by transforming data into qualitative information, to make decisions with real-time business impact.


Know your company's level of equality

iQAL is a solution that provides the company with a real diagnosis on equality compliance.

The purpose of iQAL is to provide an analysis and diagnosis of your company on equality.

Discover your company's level of innovation

InnoApp is a solution that measures the perception of Business Innovation and the degree of implementation in companies.

InnoApp offers you a diagnosis so that you can develop an innovation plan for your company.

Know the degree of sustainability of your company

SineQia is a solution that provides companies with a real diagnosis in terms of sustainability, analyzing three dimensions: economic, social and environmental.

Know the productivity of your sales network

QANTO is a solution that drives commercial transformation at the point of sale. It promotes the profitability of the commercial network by providing accurate real-time sales knowledge through any device.


Create unique shopping experiences

Qekiero is a Qaleon solution that helps create a personalized shopping experience by improving Customer Intelligence and the perception of your brand.