Pay equity as a driver of the Employee Experience

iQAL is a solution that provides your company with a real diagnosis on equality compliance, including a diagnosis of equal pay and the professional classification of your employees.

What iQal offers

The purpose of iQAL is to provide an analysis and diagnosis of your company on equality.


Offers job evaluation and compensation audit modules with automated evaluation of employee data. Identifies areas for improvement in job classification and pay equity.


  • Salary register and salary audit: The obligation to generate a gender-sensitive employee salary register applies to all companies, while the performance of the salary audit is mandatory for companies with more than 50 employees. iQAL helps you to comply with these obligations in a complete and automated way.


  • Job evaluation: We help you to select the evaluation factors that affect each job in your company and to weight them. It provides predefined factors to facilitate the process and allows you to easily and intuitively define new factors specific to each organization.


With this module you will know the vision that your employees have about the equality policies implemented in the company and have a more accurate diagnosis of the areas for improvement in order to develop the Equality Plan.

Diagnosis of the status of the equality plan

It analyzes the quantitative and qualitative elements necessary to determine the degree of equality between women and men in the company, segmented by organizational, contractual, training, management bodies and/or participation, etc. elements. Based on the diagnosis, iQAL helps you to develop the diagnosis report, which contains its main conclusions and allows you to define improvement proposals and priorities.


Analyze and carry out a diagnosis of risks and opportunities in terms of equality, promoting your Equality Plan. 

By analyzing employee compensation, you will be able to detect areas for improvement in order to comply with salary audits

Performs a professional classification of each of your employees offering you a job evaluation and lines of improvement.

Graphically analyzes the results of employees, managers and HR.

Cómo funciona iQAL

Simple methodology

It guarantees a clear and objective analysis of the real situation of the company, crossing company data and employee perception.

Easily accessible

It streamlines the work of different departments of the company, offering different layers of permissions and unlimited users.

Single database

Optimizes teamwork management with a centralized database.

Report generation

It facilitates the analysis of the compensation audit and favors the professional classification of employees through job evaluation.