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How iQAL helps you

The purpose of iQAL is to provide an analysis and diagnosis on equality in your company.

Compliance analysis

Job evaluation and pay equity analysis.

IQAL wage audit, equality diagnostics

Salary audit: iQAL allows you to record employee salaries with a gender perspective and perform the salary audit to comply with the established obligations.

Job evaluation IQAL, equality diagnosis

Job evaluation: we help you to select the evaluation factors for each job and to weight them. iQAL allows you to easily and intuitively define new factors specific to each organization.

Job evaluation and equal pay analysis. iQAL, equality diagnosis.
Analisis de percepción de diagnostico de igualdad iqal

Perception analysis

It has the vision of all employees on equality policies and their implementation in the company, offering a diagnosis of the degree of maturity in equality and the quality of communication in the company.

Why iQAL is necessary for your company

Facilitates an equality diagnosis

Facilitates an equality diagnosis on compliance with the new equality regulations of Royal Decrees 901 and 902/2021.

Analyses equality risks and opportunities

Analyses the risks and opportunities in terms of equality, promoting the development of actions and policies.

remuneration audit compliance

Analyse your company's salaries to identify areas of improvement for compliance with the pay audit.

job classification and job evaluation

It carries out a professional classification offering you an assessment of jobs and lines of improvement.

Boost the Employee Experience and pay equity

Boost the Employee Experience by improving pay equity among your employees.

Find out what your employees' views are on equality policies

Find out how your employees view the equality policies implemented in your company.

Equality Plan diagnostic

View and download the results for use in your Equality Plan and in all necessary reports.

Do you want to achieve greater impact in your sustainability strategy?

To enhance social sustainability

DiQAL, Business Intelligence solution that provides your company with a diversity diagnosis for the management of diversity and Inclusion in the company as a strategic element.

SineQia, a Business Intelligence solution that helps companies to carry out a sustainability diagnosis, analyzing all dimensions to meet ESG criteria: corporate governance, social, environmental and economic sustainability.

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