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Innoapp is a Business Intelligence solution that helps to diagnose business innovation and innovation culture in the company. It measures the perception of your stakeholders and analyses innovation in the 4 drivers with the greatest impact on the company. 


Innoapp measures business innovation culture through 4 drivers:

Process innovation

With InnoApp you can evaluate process innovation in all areas of your company. Through a method of process optimisation, cost and time savings to improve technical innovation in production processes.

Product innovation

With Innoapp you can measure the company's efforts in improving and optimising products and services for business innovation.

Business innovation

It allows you to assess the degree of innovation in the business based on how the organisation acts in the face of change and new opportunities, developing new business ideas.

Customer innovation

Find out whether your company's products and services are correctly targeted to meet the real needs of your customers. Provide customer-based research with the aim of creating or improving the business' products or services.

What Innoapp brings

A diagnosis of risks and opportunities for business innovation.

A diagnosis of risks and opportunities for business innovation.

cumplimiento ISO 9001 o ISO 57001 diagnostico de innovacion Qaleon

Quantitative and qualitative information to establish action plans aimed at obtaining certifications in standards such as ISO 9001 or ISO 57001.

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Online accessibility to the report from any device and in real time.

Identificar estrategias y tácticas para mejorar e impulsar la cultura de la innovación

Identify strategies and tactics to improve and boost the culture of innovation.

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It makes it possible to have an analysis internally and between the various functional areas.

Boosting the business model.

Boosting the business model.

Mejora de la innovación y la competitividad empresarial

Improving innovation and business competitiveness.

Do you want to manage talent as a key factor in your company's culture?

For the identification and recruitment of talent: AliZIA

For career advancement and talent retention: Empleable

 NEOTEC 2020 Program

CDTI iniciativa Programa NEOTEC 2020

C.A.M. Funds for Youth Employment Support

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Innovative SME

Innovative SME


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