Transform your talent for the job of the future

A solution developed in Spain, with advanced artificial intelligence, that finds the training you need to achieve your professional goals.

Easy to use

What can Employable do for you?

Talent loyalty

The identification of the professional and personal skills of employees or candidates will allow us to suggest personalized training itineraries that will help them to complement and develop the skills necessary for their future employment.

Personalized training itinerary

It offers you a personalized training itinerary, to obtain the knowledge you need for your next professional leap.

Be disruptive, Be different

Employable performs part of the process of identifying candidate skills through artificial intelligence analysis of images and videos.

Why Employable

The objective is to align processes, operations, internal culture and technology to serve people.

It helps the candidate or employee to know what skills and competencies they need to achieve their objective.

It puts the focus on people.

It enables training centers to anticipate market trends.