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Promotes training and talent demanded by the labour market

Empleable is an Artificial Intelligence solution that improves employability by proposing a training and personalised itinerary to achieve professional goals.

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Allows you to adapt your training offer to the needs of your employees, and we design their professional career.

Advantages for education and training centres

Training Centres

Allows you to orientate your courses to the most demanded professional profiles, and receive applications with high interest.

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Public Administrations

Allows you to improve the employability of people in your town or region in order to favour their rapid inclusion in the labour market.


Boost your organisation's talent

Impulsa el talento de tu organización empleable qaleon

Empleable allows the creation of a training itinerary adapted to the needs of each worker and the continuous training needs of the company.  In addition, it provides job training that helps to develop their potential in an optimal way.

Fideliza a los trabajadores | Empleable

Build employee loyalty

Impulsa e identifica el talento | Empleable

Boosts and identifies talent

Permite hacer reskilling profesional | Empleable

Allows professional reskilling

Desarrolla a los High-potential | Empleable

Develops "High-potentials".

Advantages for companies

Training Centres

Promote your training offer

Promociona tu oferta formativa empleable qaleon

You will be able to know in real time the most demanded profiles and their characteristics so that you can adapt your training courses to what the market is demanding. You will have information in advance so that you can effectively adjust your actions at the right time.

Obtén visibilidad para tu oferta formativa | Empleable

Get visibility for your training offer.

Proporciona información actualizada sobre las tendencias del mercado | Empleable

Provides up-to-date information on market trends.

Gestión total de los cursos en tiempo real | Empleable

Total management of courses in real time

Advantages for education and training centres

Public Administrations

The training demanded by the future

administración_pública_empleable_qaleon Impulsa la empleabilidad de tu localidad

Boost the employability of your town or region through training, courses and certificates of professionalism with more job opportunities to reduce unemployment. Generates personalised and tailor-made training itineraries to ensure that unemployed people are quickly and effectively included in the labour market.

Boosting local competitiveness.

Enables local reskilling.

Reduces the unemployment rate.

Improves job opportunities.

Ventaja para Administraciones Públicas

Get extra functionality 

With AlizIA, not only can you optimally nurture the potential of your employees through personalised and tailor-made training pathways, but you can also streamline recruitment, increase the efficiency of hiring new talent and identify the best-placed employees to fill vacancies even internally.

 NEOTEC 2020 Program

CDTI iniciativa Programa NEOTEC 2020

C.A.M. Funds for Youth Employment Support

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