Empowering your digital transformation 

QALEON helps you create value in your organization through business transformation, customer experience and technology. We help companies transform to anticipate the challenges of the digital world.


Phases of our Digital transformation method

Companies need emerging technologies to drive their strategies, improve decision making, differentiate the customer experience, manage information confidentiality, seek process efficiencies through automation, create new business models, and digitally transform themselves.

Phases of our Digital transformation method

Our approach

Benefits of having QALEON

Design of a culture of innovation.

Design of a culture of innovation.

Mejora en la toma de decisiones. BENEFICIOS DE DATA VALUE​

Improvement in decision making.

Definition of new business models

Definition of new business models.

Increased organisational efficiency and flexibility

Increased efficiency and flexibility in the organization.

Improved decision-making

Improvement in decision making.

Optimise costs, time and decisions

Optimize costs, time and decisions.

Agile product/service development

Agile development of products/services.

Process efficiency

Process efficiency.


Customized technological solutions

Customized technological solutions

We cover all phases of the life cycle of the solutions, from the development of new applications to their modernization, administration and maintenance.

Diseño y marketing digital business intelligence y analítica qaleon

Design y marketing digital

We design experiences based on data analysis to rethink business models and create new value propositions based on customer preferences.

Data Value e-commerce qaleon

Data Value

Data, analytics and AI are opening the door to new possibilities for companies to grow and differentiate themselves from the competition and create new sources of value and sustainable growth.

 NEOTEC 2020 Program

CDTI iniciativa Programa NEOTEC 2020

C.A.M. Funds for Youth Employment Support

European flag support employment qaleon

Innovative SME

Innovative SME