We uncover your data and help you reach the digital world

Mediante el uso de tu información analizamos tus datos y obtenemos resultados relevantes para la toma de decisiones, llevándote hacia la transformación digital con el data value.

Our competencies

¿Con que cuenta nuestro servicio de data value?

Big Data & BI Consulting

This ensures that we are aligned with your business objectives, so that we can establish a decision-making system by integrating data and converting it into information.

Integration and data injection

We integrate the different systems of the organisation to facilitate business operations using datawarehouse or datalakes, depending on the analytical needs of your business.

Big data & cloud

We transform your data into information and use the cloud to customise it to maintain a scheme tailored to your needs.

Data Science

We analyse your information and your business with the aim of having predictive information through Machine Learning algorithms to improve decision making and business processes.

Data driven managment

We guarantee that the digital changes that need to be made are safe and fast, carrying out the implementation and advising on your project to reduce any risk.

Our competencies

We help you discover business value by adding value to data.

Data, analytics and AI are opening the door to new possibilities for companies to grow and differentiate themselves from the competition and create new sources of value and sustainable growth.

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Data engineering

We prepare data so that it can be used in analytics, visualization or data science to bring its full value to decision making.

Expertise in collection and integration for use in data systems and organizations.

Data architecture

Expertise in collection and integration for use in data systems and organizations.


ETL Processes

Extraction and transformation of data from one database to another.


Data visualization

Graphs, maps and dashboards that provide an accessible way to see and understand trends, outliers and patterns in data.


Automatic learning

We create algorithms that automatically improve through "learning".

Analysis of large volumes of data, both structured and unstructured.

Big Data

Analysis of large volumes of data, both structured and unstructured.


Artificial intelligence

Algorithms designed to make decisions, using real-time data.


Predictive Analytics

We analyse current and historical facts to make predictions and trends about future or unknown events.

Our competencies

Data menagement y governance | data value
  1. Data Management & Governance: We build a trusted environment to ensure that critical data is centrally managed, maintained and governed.
  2. Data Platform & Architecture: We help build a secure database and cloud architecture to gain deeper insight and meet current needs with flexibility to scale in the future.
  3. Operating Model: We apply the principles of a product-based operating model to structure the team and processes appropriately, facilitate execution and accelerate business growth. 
  4. Strategic Vision: We use data and AI to drive a culture of data value, an analytics mindset to improve decision making and business insight into strategic priorities.
  5. Value Contribution: We measure execution, data insight and impact on business outcomes on an ongoing basis.

Benefits of Data Value

Personalize the customer experience

Personalize the customer experience

Informing business decisions

 Informing business decisions

Improvement in decision making.

Optimize operations

Mitigating risk and managing setbacks

Mitigating risk and managing setbacks

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