We create and design customized technological solutions

We cover all phases of the application lifecycle, from the development of new applications to their modernization, evolution, enhancements, administration and maintenance.

Technology roadmap

We help internal teams make strategic decisions about their technical infrastructure.

We are experts in the development of web applications using cloud infrastructure, web applications, mobile applications, PWA (progress web app), among others.

TECHNOLOGICAL ROADMAP customised technological solutions
  1. Kick off: We work with the company to understand its needs in relation to its strategy and specific objectives.
  2. Diagnosis and analysis: We carry out an internal analysis to define the functional requirements and the necessary resources for its development.
  3. Wireframe: We design the layout that the applications will have, and how the navigation will be for the users, and it is reviewed and approved with the company.
  4. Development: We implement web and/or mobile application functionalities with periodic presentations and deliveries for validation by the company.
  5. Deployment: It involves installation, customization, testing and sometimes a period of performance evaluation.
  6. Operations: We provide training and continuous support for the solutions in order to take full advantage of the implemented functionalities.

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