Personalized shopping experience offers users what they want

ConQer is a Business Intelligence solution that helps brands to identify the needs of users and customers, and facilitate the buying process both in-store and e-commerce. 

Conqer venta de cliente personalizada

How we do it

proceso para gestionar el engagement de los clientes

Why Conqer

It leverages two of the sector's most important assets: its stores and its employees.


Know customer interest in real time

It provides all the information in real time about products, stock, accumulated sales, an evaluation of the objectives of the sales representatives and a ranking of these according to their productivity.

Create unique shopping experiences

Create a personalized shopping experience for customers to offer them what they are looking for. Focusing on the needs of the customers we offer a Customer Jorney through a series of options to choose and offer them the product they are looking for and strengthen relationships.

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Conqer software venta de cliente personalizada

Know your customer

Collect data on customers, their preferences, buying behavior, suggestions, ratings... in order to offer the best product or service that matches what they are looking for.

ConQer functionalities

With ConQer You can:

ConQer helps you to build customer loyalty and complete the omnichannel strategy based on customer centricity, the customer is at the center of the actions. The store employee becomes an advisor, the perfect 'personal shopper', a decisive factor in building customer loyalty with your brand.

ConQer includes its scorecard with information relevant to the brand:  

ConQer Benefits


Reducir el tiempo de comercialización.


Get to know the customer and the product better.


Customize the service.


Record and analyze every interaction with the brand.

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