What to study in 2022 to improve your employability?

What to study in 2022 to improve your employability | Qaleon blog

What to study in 2022 to improve your employability?

What to study in 2022 to improve your employability | image

When you are thinking about what to study, the first thing on your mind is to improve your employability as soon as possible in order to get a job. We can define employability as the ability to adapt our professional and personal circumstances, skills, competences and knowledge to the needs of the labour market at any given moment in order not to be "left behind". This is a very important factor to take into account because the labour market increasingly requires us to adapt more quickly.

Therefore, in this article we tell you which courses have a higher employability rate in 2022.

StudyOnline Marketing

Companies are currently looking for multidisciplinary professionals in disciplines that do not yet have a defined qualification and that adapt to the new demands of social interaction, and it is these and their transition to the digital world that will determine the demand for labour in the coming years.

Some of the profiles with the highest employability within the most demanded courses in Spain are:

  • Digital Marketing Manager Course: Son quienes se encargan de crear, definir y ejecutar un plan de comunicación digital para la empresa. De igual modo, son quienes controlan la estrategia de marketing en las diferentes plataformas online.
  • Community Manager course: Due to the evaluation that social networks have undergone, for many companies it is necessary to have an employee with a professional profile capable of managing the company's communication on the networks. The main function of a professional in this area is to maintain the user's interest in the publications. They are also responsible for responding to any doubts or complaints from users.
  • Social Media Manager course: They are responsible for the creation and development of the company's social identity. They are in charge of the design and drafting of communication protocols and of crisis management in the field of communication.
  • Content Manager course: They are in charge of everything related to the digital content of a company, being the person who creates, develops and manages all the publications, analysing their effectiveness.
  • E-commerce Manager course: They are in charge of developing the most suitable digital strategies and leading digital teams. A professional in this area must have a multidisciplinary profile. For example, they should have a degree in communication, logistics and commerce, so they can take courses in different fields.
  • Copywiter course: : These are professionals who are experts in digital copywriting, design and development of a creative idea for a campaign in a totally digital environment. Another of the most sought-after courses in Spain.
  • SEO&SEM Specialist course: They are in charge of monitoring and analysing the data of an advertising campaign on the network, in order to look for optimisation opportunities; working together with the sales and accounts departments.

Nutrition couse

Due to the increased interest on the part of the population to follow the advice of experts and start taking care of their diet, as well as the increasingly sedentary lifestyle, the general interest in nutrition has increased. The demand for these courses is among the most demanded in Spain in this area by 50%.

Study Languages

The most popular courses in Spain are also based on language skills, at all levels. It is estimated that enrolment in this type of course has increased by up to 49%. Within this percentage, the following stand out english and italian as the most sought-after languages.

Hospitality and tourism Psicología

The current need to be able to understand the different processes that affect the state of mind and to know how to face the different situations that society is going through, has been one of the reasons why the search for the most demanded online courses in Spain on this subject has had a 43%.

Study Excel

In Spain there has been a significant increase in the demand for courses related to this tool, with a 32% increase. This is due to the fact that it is the most widely used spreadsheet in the world and that it is a skill that is highly valued by companies.

Hospitality and tourism courses

If you are looking for another option among the most popular courses in Spain, this is one of the main sources of income in the country. Every year millions of tourists choose this country as their main tourist destination.

Study about Social and health care

These are specifically two certificates of professionalism among the most demanded courses in Spain:

  • Social and health care for people at home: This is a course that is increasingly in demand, due to the ageing of the country's population, which means that more professionals are needed who are trained to care for elderly and other dependent patients.
  • Socio-sanitary care for dependent persons in social institutions: This is a similar course to the previous one, which is compulsory for all workers involved in the care of dependent persons in health centres, residential homes and other specialised settings.

Arts courses

There is a tendency to say that studying fine arts or other types of artistic degrees is not very employable, but this is false. The rise of digitalisation, e-commerce and social networks means that the following art-related studies are in high demand by companies:

  • Graphic design course: The main function of graphic designers is to create visual concepts by means of software or freehand, with the aim of communicating ideas, informing or captivating consumers. It is possible to obtain a high-level professional training by obtaining a university degree, but there is also the option of choosing from a multitude of the most popular courses in Spain.
    It is one of the careers with the greatest career opportunities, although there is also a great deal of competition in the sector. Therefore, professionals who are more creative and have better training have more possibilities.

  • Photography course: : The demand, 75 %, of the most sought-after courses in Spain are in photography. Whether artistic or oriented to marketing processes, it has also been growing in the country. This is due to the rise of social networks and the popularity of photography portals, where the use of images to capture the user's attention is becoming increasingly important.

Computer and IT training

IT-related jobs are highly sought after and computer-related courses are highly employable. These courses tend to be expensive because the teachers of these courses are in high demand and are also moonlighting.

  • ProgrammingThis is an area of training that has also been influenced by the growth of the Internet and the use of smart devices. Programmers are in great demand to develop websites, software, IOS and Android applications, among others. There are many programming languages, so you should study which ones are most in demand before taking a course. We tell you more in detail in our post on "The new tech jobs that will be most in demand in 2022”.

  • Business Management Software Solutions course: the SAP sistem , allows companies to carry out effective and efficient management of all the different types of company resources: human, financial and accounting, production, logistics, among others, and is in great demand by both companies and users. Its demand is 55.8%, due to the fact that it is a highly valued tool in personnel selection processes.

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