Business Intelligence Tools for Human Resources

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Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence Tools for Human Resources

Business Intelligence Tools for Human Resources

Within People Departments, Human Resources, Talent or other nomenclatures that refer to the management of people in an organisation, it is necessary to use modern digitalisation tools to improve productivity. Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence in human resources helps to streamline different tasks both in one-off projects and in day-to-day work.

These tools are used to:

  • Analyse the HR department: many of these Business Intelligence solutions are used to establish KPI's in the people department and to achieve the assigned objectives. Therefore, it has an impact on being able to make detailed reports and set strategies to follow.
  • Streamlining processes: digitalisation is reaching all companies departments with the aim of making routine tasks faster and better. This is also happening in human resources teams.
  • Optimising productivity: spending less time on different processes helps to put more effort into the important tasks. In addition to being able to analyse them with more time and thus get the job done better.
  • Achieve better results: is the general derivation of using Business Intelligence, Big Data and digitalisation tools in human resources. As a result, they help to achieve the company's goals further.

How to Apply it in the People Department?

Using Business Intelligence in The Human Resources departments through tools that help to improve the points mentioned above requires a lot of dedication and time. Because it is a cultural change in the department and in the company.

The objective is to start using tools to avoid frustrating and burning out the people in the team, especially if they are not digital natives. These tools should allow you to collect and store as much information as possible. Some of the data you can start using are those that you may have today but not tomorrow, such as salaries, % labour turnover and other KPI's of the moment in order to be able to generate a history. Later on, you will be able to add more information to the tools, such as employee seniority, gender, job distribution, surveys...

The purpose of using data and Business Intelligence tools in human resources is twofold:

  1. Prevention tools: it is a way to avoid situations that have occurred in the past and may occur in the future. In such a way, through data it helps the department to predict situations such as talent leaks or hiring peaks, for example.
  2. Strategic tools: to assist the company in meeting overall company objectives and to assist departments in achieving objectives. It is also used to improve recruitment or to retain talent.

Tools for Human Resources:


It is an Artificial Intelligence solution that helps companies find the best candidate for a job. AlizIA identifies different employability skills and through a Dashboard you can see which of them best fits the job requirements. You don't need to be an expert in technology to identify which one is the best.

Automatización de tareas de gran volumen talento tecnologico con Alizia


It is a Business Intelligence tool that allows you to perform a diagnosis of gender equality. This tool collects different data from the people in a company: both the perception of gender equality in the company and the real data on gender equality, wage and salary equality. It serves to make a better Gender Equality Plan.

iQAL is a Business Intelligence solution that facilitates a diagnosis of equality, performing a salary analysis for the salary audit, the salary register and the evaluation of jobs.


The best Artificial Intelligence tool to boost employees' careers and internal talent. Employable offers customised, tailor-made training. It recommends courses for a specific professional career. In addition, it allows to identify workers within the company for a position to avoid having to look for them outside or to see what they would lack to get promoted. It is a perfect tool for human resources and training.


Tailor-made Technology Tool for HR

Similarly, at Qaleon we have developed bespoke technology for different customers and we can also offer you customised services. We can help you boost your people department and build bespoke technology tools to help your business with data.