The impact of artificial intelligence on the legal profession

post portada - El impacto de la inteligencia artificial en la abogacía​

The impact of artificial intelligence on the legal profession

post - El impacto de la inteligencia artificial en la abogacía​

La llegada de herramientas con Inteligencia Artificial (IA) está teniendo un notorio impacto en diversos sectores y evidentemente. La inteligencia artificial en la abogacía no puede quedarse al margen de la transformación digital.

Esta irrupción se ha desarrollado en una rama específica denominada Legaltech, que engloba el uso de la tecnología para comercializar o prestar servicios legales. Existe cierta reticencia por los operadores jurídicos a transformar sus procesos y formas de trabajar, sin embargo, deberán realizar un cambio de mentalidad y adentrarse en lo que se denomina “New Law”, desde dos perspectivas:

On the one hand, they must adapt to the fact that along with the figure of the more classical lawyer, legal expertise will be complemented and mixed with other profiles such as mathematicians, engineers, AI experts and Data Analytics experts, among others. On the other hand, they must familiarise themselves with the new employment models that have led to the emergence of new professional opportunities, for example:

  • Lawyer specialized in robots:

    They will be those professionals who will advise developers and software manufacturers. In addition, this type of lawyer will be in charge of verifying the information sent by the robots to avoid litigious situations, for example, sending private information to the wrong person.


  • Lawyer specialized in chatbots:

    Its most essential function will be to advise technology companies on the use of personal data and on industrial and intellectual property, among others.


  • Data analyst for law firms:

    They will be in charge of analyzing, extracting and filtering data from various sources.


  • Lawyer specializing in virtual reality:

    It is a professional expert in technology that allows to visualize part of the real world through a technological device.


  • Legal Engineer:

This new professional in the legal field is defined as a hybrid between a lawyer and a programmer.


In short, artificial intelligence in law has marked a before and after. At Qaleon we can help your law firm to improve its productivity with AI tools such as Qanto.