Digital in retail provides analytical insights (part II)


Digital in retail provides analytical insights (part II)

Short and on the spot: digital and data should be friendly to employees or it will fail.

With this in mind, and considering the sales benefits that digital and analytics will bring to retail, we need to keep our employees in the loop. It is both right and necessary to get the job done successfully in retail.

So, why comparison between employees and sales performance would be also attractive for the sales crew in your company? Because it will make any comparison absolutely fair, and auditable, and unbiased! Do you want more reasons? … because it will make compensation fairer and more attractive. Even more reasons? … Undisputable, transparent, and fun!

Fun? Yes! Haven't you missed today's other buzzword? I'm talking about "gamification". Yes, we can introduce gamification into the equation, so that there is a league or competition with clean and easy rules, which suit everyone, and they see in real time who is who in that league. So there will be no discussion of where and where each has accumulated certain sales, or how many hours or holidays or holidays each has taken, or which family/range of products each sells the most (high, medium, low, accessories, other). So the incentive is clear, earn more (€) and beat your peers, beat them in the league! Need a new and expensive incentive?

And this is not exploitation it is just pure competitiveness and self-awareness. This will also lead to a more engaged employees base, a better employee experience, and a better collective performance and individual value. It will be more difficult for others to poach your employees as they will know their worth, and you have been the one acknowledging so.

This will also provide you better objective arguments if you need to make a replacement or a pure contract termination.

If you mix this information with the sales information I talked about in my previous post, there will be no discussion about whether or not digital with analytics brings benefits to companies.

Remember that analytics is the key. If you are thinking of replacing your rollover block with an excel spreadsheet, don't take the plunge. It is not necessary and will consume energy. BUT if you are planning to give access to data to an analytics team, even without AI yet, it will be a significant change and a step forward for your team, for your retail and for your knowledge and position in the market.

Welcome to the 21st century!

Nov,14 2021

Maria J.Alonso – CEO Qaleon