Qaleon among the best companies in Digital Transformation

Qaleon Transformación digital

Qaleon recognised as one of the best companies in Digital Transformation

Our goal is to generate the greatest business impact by taking advantage of the benefits offered by digitalisation, which is why we adapt our solutions to the needs of each company, accelerating their results.

In Qaleon we provide companies technological solutions and business to be competitive in the era of digital transformation. Thanks to the services we currently provide, we can ensure that we are always there for you:

Connecting business, technology and expertise to anticipate the challenges of the digital world. Covering all phases of the lifecycle of solutions, from the development of new applications to their modernisation, administration and maintenance. Opening the door to new possibilities for companies to grow and differentiate themselves from the competition and create new sources of value and sustainable growth.

Designing experiences based on the data analysis to rethink business models and create new value propositions based on an understanding of customer preferences and motivations.
Digitise companies with the new Digital Kit subsidies, a financial aid programme for the digitisation of companies financed by the European Union.

Recently, the benefits that our solutions bring have been seen by the experts, ¡ And we have been highlighted as one of the best companies in the world for digital transformation of the market!

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