Workplace trends that will shape the future of work

Conoce las nuevas tendencias laborales

Workplace trends that will shape the future of work

The world and society are changing at an accelerating pace and with it employment trends. Technology and globalisation are factors that affect the needs and requirements of today's employees and, above all, their tenure.

Tendencias laborales que cambiarán el futuro del trabajo

Businesses can no longer afford to wait and see what happens to employment trends - change is now. In a world that has faced constant change, among the biggest changes we can perceive are factors such as the changing culture marked by the incorporation of generations such as the 'millenials', new technologies, globalisation and mobility all impact on the decision of where each employee wants to be, their roles and how they want to do it. Translated with (free version)

Looking for a job is no longer the same as it was 20 years ago, the world of work is constantly evolving, which means that there are new needs and requirements, both from the employee's and the employer's point of view.

But what are these employment trends?

Although they do not follow a perfect order, and you will find many versions on the internet, in this article we will mention the ones that have the most impact.

1. New attitudes and competences

The social impact of the global pandemic has meant that socialising is different, from personal to professional relationships. This is why the new attitudes that each employee has are more valued; but also their skills and knowledge when applying them in their daily work.  

2. Globalisation

It refers to the ability of organisations to work without borders and expand their reach. The world is becoming one big community, where no matter the language or currency, the capabilities of your business can expand from anywhere, to anywhere.

3. Technological transformation

This is undoubtedly one of the most important and necessary trends, from both an employee and employer perspective. Big data, the cloud, the internet of things (IoT) and other new technologies are changing the way we live and, of course, the way we work. Companies are therefore stepping on the gas in the face of the digitisation of processes, which means they are being automated and new skills and ways of working are required.  

4. Labour Flexibility and Mobility

Finding a balance between personal and professional life is a key factor for the employee. With the end of the pandemic, certain activities that were once necessary are here to stay. Among them, teleworking or flexible working hours have become decisive requirements for choosing where to work.

5. Qualified profiles, training and adaptability

More training will be required in digital and transversal skills such as leadership and critical thinking, and knowledge of digital tools and the internet will no longer be enough. Experts will be needed in the business areas where they develop their skills and above all to keep this knowledge constantly updated, knowing that the speed at which everything is advancing will make them obsolete sooner rather than later. Based on this, employees consider training plans to be an increasingly important part of the benefits that the company provides to its employees.

These trends are not only driven by factors in the employee's environment, but also involve qualities and competencies that the future employee will need to have:

Which ones are they?

  • Adapting to change
  • Digital skills
  • Results-orientation
  • Availability for professional mobility
  • Critical thinking
  • Ability to learn

Maintaining constant professional training, acquiring new skills and keeping technical and transversal knowledge up to date are determining factors to avoid turnover of your team members, as well as to make you, as an employee, more valued in the work environment.

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