What information should be included in an equality diagnosis?

Qué información debe incluirse en un diagnóstico de igualdad qaleon blog

What information should be included in an equality diagnosis?

Information to include in an equality diagnosis | Qaleon blog

In view of the arrival of the new spanish legislation en materia de igualdad en el año 2020, las empresas de más de 50 trabajadores se han visto obligadas a presentar un Eqality Plan cada 4 años. El primer paso, es contar con un gender equality diagnosis to find out where the company stands in terms of Equality and to be able to implement action plans after the presentation of the Equality Plan.

What is equality diagnosis?

A diagnosis is an analysis of the situation(s) with regard to an issue or topic and what are the causes and possible consequences or trends of that issue. The equality diagnosis is an analysis in organisations that serves to analyse the inequalities in work between valuation factors in each job. That is to say, to carry out a salary and remuneration analysis of the different people in the company by job position and level of responsibility by gender.

It is the company's responsibility to carry out the diagnosis, which is the first and necessary step in drawing up the Equality Plan.

Why is an equality diagnosis important?

In companies, before carrying out any project, it is necessary to carry out an analysis and research for the development of the project and to assess its impact on the company.

A diagnosis of the situation is very important to know which areas can be improved. There are always areas where there may be an opportunity for improvement or areas that can be strengthened because they are already a competitive advantage in the company. It is very important to make decisions in the Equality Plan that are optimal and based on information and data. Otherwise, we will be making decisions that may generate effects contrary to those desired.

How does this analysis unfold?

The diagnosis is the first mandatory step to be presented in the equality plan. The company can do its own analysis, but key information must be included in the documentation of the plan.

The Spanish government presented a "Model Equality Plan" in which you will find all the information to be presented. The first step is "DIAGNOSTIC RESULTS" as you can see in the PDF below. It is specified that in this first section you have to:

"List the aspects and areas in which improvements should be made, after having learned about the real situation of the company in terms of equal opportunities between women and men through the diagnosis".

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Who is involved in carrying out the diagnosis?

The diagnosis involves everyone in the company with different roles and functions: management company, legal representation of employees and staff. Above all, the latter because they must provide information regarding their characteristics as can be seen in the objectives below.

Above all, the latter because they must provide information regarding their characteristics as can be seen in the objectives below. specialised external personnel as consultants in Diversity and Equality as Myriam Alcaide.

Objective of the equality analysis

  • Obtain information on the characteristics of the company's workforce.
  • Analyse business strategies in human resource management.
  • Reflect on the company's practice in terms of Equal Opportunities and detect possible inequalities based on gender.
  • Detect strengths and weaknesses of the organisation in terms of Equality.
  • Formulate guidelines for the elaboration of the Equality Plan.

Apart from these points, improving equality in the company helps to improve the employee experience, to improve commitment to society and to the organisation. In addition, it helps to comply with the new spanish equality regulations of the Royal Decrees 901 y 902/2021.

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