What are the benefits of equal pay for women and men?

beneficios de la igualdad salarial

What are the benefits of equal pay for women and men?


Equal pay for men and women remains a sensitive issue in the workplace. Many employers continue to consider the pros and cons of equal pay, despite the fact that the law requires that everyone, regardless of gender, receives equal pay for equal work. According to the World Economic Forum, the estimated income earned by women in Spain for their work is 65.1% of that earned by men. It is not only about complying with the law in the application of equal pay for men and women, but it can also bring a number of benefits to your company.

Emotional benefit of employees

The first of the most important benefits of equal pay in the workplace is a greater emotional benefit to employees. Employees, both men and women, want to feel good in their workplace. This means being recognised for their talent and knowledge. If women and men in a company earn the same amount for doing the same work. Thus, it sends a valuable message about the recognition of work regardless of the gender that performs it. Most importantly, it is directly influencing the professional and personal lives of its female employees because of the great value it gives them.

Equal pay for men and women also avoids a comparative disadvantage between professionals in an organisation for the same job. It also fosters greater cooperation and mutual respect.

Attract a larger pool of talented candidates

Finding employees who are good at their jobs is another major benefit of equal pay. When women professionals know that your company has a reputation for equal pay, you are more likely to expand the pool of qualified female candidates. This is true whether you are hiring junior professionals or senior professionals returning to work. In a competitive market, equal pay is a competitive advantage that sets your company apart and makes it a desirable destination for qualified candidates.

Highly qualified candidates are more likely to consider working for a company for some reasons than others. If they believe that opportunities for economic growth will be available to them. That is, by demonstrating their value, regardless of their gender.

Pay equity considerations

One of the downsides of equal pay is paying the same salary to employees who do substantially different work. This is why it is so important to review current pay policies in companies.

  • First of all, it is good to make sure that wage differentials in your workplace are based on education or experience. Not on gender.
  • Secondly, review each employee's salary to determine whether two workers doing the same job or having the same responsibility are paid the same salary, even if their training and practice are different.

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