Customer Intelligence What is it and how can it help your company?

Customer Intelligence, Qué es y cómo puede ayudar a tu empresa

Customer Intelligence What is it and how can it help your company?

Customer Intelligence, Qué es y cómo puede ayudar a tu empresa

With the development of Big Data, companies have been able to delve deeper into customer information. In a globalized world where people have a multitude of purchasing options, it is necessary to work on Customer Intelligence (CI).


What is Customer Intelligence?


Customer intelligence is the action of collecting and analyzing customer information and data in relation to the company and how they interact with our business. The goal is to improve the Customer Experience (CX) and make their experience unforgettable.


It focuses on building deeper and more loyal customer relationships and improving strategic decision making.


Customer Intelligence arises from the need to put customers at the center of all business decisions. This term is called Customer Centric.


Why is it important and what does IQ contribute?


Customer Intelligence, as its name suggests, is about knowing how to take advantage of the information generated by your customers and thus help organizations understand how they relate to certain products or services.


Personalized experiences are the future for generating value in companies. Today, customers choose brands and products according to the quality of the Customer Journey and the way they personalize purchase options.


It also helps companies to know their customers better. In other words, the amount of information generated through Customer Intelligence helps companies to better focus the objectives of their departments.


What are the benefits?


Customer Intelligence allows to put the 5 senses on what the customer expects. And then the company can use that information as an advantage to: 


  • Understand consumer preferences and needs.
  • Monitor macro-level (market or industry) changes as they occur.
  • Reduce redundant efforts and boost the number of returning customers for repeat business.
  • Predicting customer lifetime value or Customer Lifetime Value.
  • Obtain innovative ideas for products or services.
  • Use real time tactics and offer better experiences.
  • Weighing possible future scenarios in almost every department of a company.
  • Improve customer engagement and brand loyalty.
  • Improve brand image and positioning.


How can Customer Intelligence be specifically applied to your business?


As mentioned above, it can help to improve different departments through Data. This data serves the logistics, purchasing, marketing, commercial, expansion, customer service teams... In short, it helps to establish a very strong competitive business advantage and an optimal customer experience. Some of the actions that improve are:


1. Expand cross-selling and up-selling

2. Apply and improve commercial or agent analysis.

3. Optimization of customer service operations

4. Reduce customer churn due to bad experience


Tools to help you with Customer Intelligence


One of the Business Intelligence solutions that help you to offer a better shopping experience is QeKieroa flexible tool developed by QaleonQeKiero goes beyond the simple recommendation of products or services and continuously generates loyalty business and innovative experience.