Customer experience and retail in the digital age

La experiencia de cliente y retail en la era digital | Qaleon blog

Customer experience and retail in the digital age

Post - La experiencia del cliente y el retail en la era digital

These past few years we have witnessed some behavioral changes as our lives have changed dramatically. We have plunged into the Digital Age and online shopping has grown exponentially. This has led to the development of more personalized customer and shopping experiences in retail.

Those trends were already evident in the adoption of online vs. offline shopping behaviour. However, there was an external factor that interfered with the free growth of online shopping preferences: the social experience of shopping, even window shopping, the laughter and the "why not", or "trying on" just for fun, experience that was extremely enriching from a human perspective.

Online customer experience

So now, everything has moved to the online world, our only alternative in the current situation, without the possibility of any such social interaction. However, technology has even provided a kind of mimicry of such social interaction by simply sharing the screen in a video call with multiple assistants/friends.

So, we really want human-like interaction. Therein lies the failure of most chatbots - complexity to perceive intent - and even of most websites or online shops: customers need to know the characteristics of the products they want to buy, because all their choices are based on filters created by those who know the products well. Therefore, nowadays online shops are there to SELL, not to make customers buy. 


In Qaleon we've been thinking about this in a reverse mindset that needs to be brought into clarity and we came up with an interesting solution by bringing together customer desires and the appetite for human-like interaction. So, as if we were in a brick-and-mortar store: bringing that experience to the online store. 

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