Consumer behavior in Valentine's Day 2022


Consumer behavior in Valentine's Day 2022

Valentine's Day is a great opportunity for brands and marketers to reach consumers. To capture attention during this romantic holiday, user-focused campaigns are key.

Most consumers tend to be online shoppers for Valentine's Day, which means brands need to focus on mobile interaction with well-applied and personalized messaging.

Gathering consumer preferences through data analysis, here are the highlights:

Consumers can't get enough of online shopping. 

72% plan to shop online this year for Valentine's Day and 43% of them will prefer to order online with a home delivery option. Consumers' top purchases will be clothing, cosmetics, jewelry and chocolates during Valentine's Day shopping.


The pandemic could not kill the gift-giving habits of lovers:

Since online shopping skyrocketed in recent years, the ease of app navigation is driving consumers to shop online more than ever before. Sixty percent say there has been no change in gift buying or Valentine's Day celebrations during COVID-19.

Mobile devices continue to dominate the online shopping experience:

72% say they will use their smartphone for Valentine's Day shopping and 53% believe it is very important to take their smartphone with them when shopping by other methods for Valentine's Day.

Mobile ads allow consumers to browse like in online stores:

Sixty-seven percent say the ads they see on mobile internet have given them reason to consider Valentine's Day shopping, while 68% of them prefer to shop in-app.

Buying directly from an advertisement is becoming a common behavior.:

On the one hand, thanks to interactive user-targeted ad journeys, 87% have bought gifts for their loved ones on their mobile devices. On the other hand, 42% buy a product after seeing an ad online or offline within a few days.

This data has been collected based on an analysis of customer shopping behaviors and preferences during last year's Valentine's Day season and a prediction has been made of what to expect this year. It can be seen how mobile devices and ads play a key role in the consumer buying process.

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