How to retain young technology talent


How to retain young technology talent


Generation Y is a potential market. The employment rate is good, but many of them are part-time or self-employed. They tend to change jobs frequently. This has led to a shift in approach to attracting young talent. Companies have to replace talent that leaves. You have to know how to recruit millennials. Engagement is key. Millennials tend not to be so focused on money. They place importance on values. They are passionate, demanding and attach great importance to what the company transmits and offers them, apart from the economic aspect.

1. They seek confidence:

According to data collected by a Millennials survey prepared by Deloitte; 70% of those surveyed think that the company they work for cares exclusively about financial results and not about the social impact it has and 63% think that their leaders are having a negative impact on society.

You have to know how to gain their trust. Millennials want to feel wanted and loved, otherwise they will leave. A good way is to generate engagement and reach them through good communication on social networks, since this is where this audience is found.

2. They want to feel identified with the company:

They are constantly looking for comfort at work, that they feel at home. A good corporate image in subjective terms (comfort, flexibility, ...) encourages millennials to want to work in that company. It is essential that the company and the candidates share the same basic values, they must be made to feel part of the group.

One of the most important factors they take into account when accepting a job is the company culture and policies, analyzing whether they fit their work style and personality. In fact, many prefer a job that they enjoy and feel inspired by, rather than the financial compensation.

The contents (images, videos, etc.) used must transmit a good work environment; show the team, the work environment, social actions that the company has carried out, etc. Transparency is fundamental, giving a human and close feeling increases trust.

3. They look for jobs online:

Millennials were born with the presence of the Internet, they use digital media for almost everything. When looking for a job in a company, the first thing they look at, in addition to their social networks, is their website and hope that there is an option to apply for a job offer. In this case, it is essential that the website is professional, constantly updated and contains all the information a job seeker needs. Having an active presence on social media will also benefit you, as it will attract younger candidates and build loyalty.

4. They expect to be convinced:

A company must know how to convince the candidate. You have to know how to sell the product, know how to convince them, know how to answer their questions such as why they should take this job and not another, how it will benefit them and what they can contribute to the success of the company. Companies can successfully sell a job by developing an effective talent brand on social media and identifying exactly what the target audience wants, as well as building relationships with prospective employees before they apply.

5. They want to feel desired:

Although millennials want to earn money, there are other criteria they look at that are less tangible, but more appealing to them: flexibility, being able to choose the vacation period, the opportunity for professional development and room for innovation. 

6. They look for opportunities to grow:

They see a job offer as an opportunity to learn and develop new skills for future professional and personal development. It is essential that companies offer a training program for future candidates.

7. They want flexibility:

Young people are very concerned about schedule flexibility, as they are looking for a balance between work, their social life, family environment and other activities, such as attending courses, etc. They are not looking for companies that constantly limit their time and prevent them from doing certain things. They also tend to look for remote jobs, taking advantage of the great connectivity offered by technology.

You have to know how to sell yourself to young talent, how and what to know and know how to retain it. Especially through digital media to attract them. We must win their trust, gain their loyalty so that they are willing to work in our company. Having and knowing how to communicate an image is essential for the candidate to bet or not for us.  

At Qaleon, we have developed two solutions that can help companies in this task. One of them is Alizia,, which helps to attract technology talent. Another is Empleable which helps to leverage talent for growth, thereby promoting retention.