What are the job benefits or emotional salary that IT workers value most?

Job perks or emotional pay most valued by IT workers

What are the job benefits or emotional salary that IT workers value most?

Job perks or emotional pay most valued by IT workers

Or rather, what benefits are of most interest to IT sector profiles as an emotional salary? These benefits are numerous and companies are offering them more and more, in order to be attractive in the face of the increase in vacancies for technology workers.

What are work benefits or emotional salaries?

Beyond the actual salary that a worker in the technology sector may receive are the benefits and amenities that complement it. These extra benefits are adjusted to each position and can have a great impact on equally paid jobs. These are non-financial job perks that help attract and retain talent. Their purpose is to favor the personal and emotional needs of the technological worker.

What job benefits are most in demand by IT workers?

In the IT sector, the most demanded benefits for IT profiles are the following:

Social Benefits:

  • The classics: Meals, Training, Childcare and Transportation. Health Insurance: an emotional salary that is now practically mandatory in any IT job offer. Physical Wellness: with healthy programs in the office, physiotherapy sessions, gym discounts, etc. Financial Wellness: from Pension and Savings Plans to Life Insurance. Entertainment Platforms: among the new benefits, they are one of the most demanded with access to Netflix, HBO and other platforms as a work incentive assumed by the company.

Remote work:

  • The IT sector is the ideal candidate for full-remote job offers. They have the least need to go to the office and, in many cases, they have their own work team that they prefer to the one offered by the company. In addition, these professionals can always count on the best collaboration programs and remote meetings to stay up to date without having to travel.

Flexible schedule:

  • In this case, flexibility must be total; the increasingly classic "flexible entry from 8.30 to 10 a.m." is not enough. Here the formats that give freedom and autonomy to the employee take precedence. IT talent is more comfortable with the freedom to work the hours they want, regardless of whether it is day or night and whether or not they take a lunch break. This is a factor that demonstrates the trust that the company places in the employee.

Agile models and methodologies:

  • Software development is now almost inconceivable without an agile framework. Having a trained, dedicated and well-structured team of Product Owners, Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches is now indispensable in technical teams. Likewise, training in these frameworks and the possibility of obtaining accreditations within the company itself, bring a very valuable extra to the employee.

Customized training plans:

  • In IT, more than in any other industry, you need to keep up to date. It is one of the most changing sectors and they need a tailor-made training program to meet their continuous learning needs. It is essential that within the job offer there is a career plan that allows the employee to improve their skills and knowledge. If an employee sees possibilities of projection and growth within a company, while in his own company he has fallen into monotony, it will be the factor to attract IT talent that tips the balance.

Interesting projects and cutting-edge technologies:

  • If we want to attract and retain the best IT talent, it is necessary to offer them daily challenges with innovative and stimulating projects. The figure of the CTO (Chief Technology Officer)He is also key as a guide and charismatic leader with whom the staff must connect in order to give the best of themselves. Many professionals change jobs in the first year due to a lack of connection with both the project and the CEO, CTO or Chief Technology Officer.

Technological certifications:

  • As an element of motivation and improvement, certifications are increasingly demanded by employees and are a milestone in the employee experience. Therefore, if the company facilitates the cost and obtaining these certifications, it will be one more reason to retain technological talent.


So, as a conclusion, the emotional salary is a very important factor when it comes to retaining IT personnel. Because this allows to improve growth opportunities and job projection. That these constitute a fundamental pillar of the corporate culture. Undoubtedly, it will make employees strengthen their relationship with the company and stay longer in it.

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