Artificial intelligence in human resources

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Artificial intelligence in human resources

Post - La inteligencia artificial en los recursos humanos

La inteligencia artificial en los recursos humanos se está utilizando cada vez más. En todas las industrias se utiliza para mejorar la eficiencia e impulsar el ahorro de tiempo y costos. Los recursos humanos no se dejan de lado, actualmente la inteligencia artificial se utiliza cada vez más para asegurar mejores resultados. A continuación veremos algunas de las ventajas que la IA aporta a los RRHH, tanto para el candidato como para los reclutadores.

Los reclutadores pasan un día entero cada semana buscando candidatos para un puesto de trabajo en particular. La capacidad de la IA para desglosar y analizar grandes datos permite a los reclutadores filtrar y preseleccionar candidatos de forma mucho más rápida y eficiente. Diferentes herramientas de IA permiten a los reclutadores entender mejor los factores subjetivos como las habilidades reales de un candidato.

How does artificial intelligence help human resources?

Quality of hire for a company is a very important factor because it depends on the value that employees bring to the company. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence in human resources, the quality of hiring candidates improves, as more data can be collected about each candidate and thus evaluate them more effectively. By assessing, among other things, their skills and experience using special, tailor-made algorithms.

The system compares different data sources, such as experience and skills, with the candidate's job performance and the ability to provide recruiters with a better understanding of the quality of the hire. By doing so, recruiters, in addition to spending less time on monotonous tasks, will be able to go beyond an interview, improving their focus on hard-to-measure metrics such as quality of hire.

In terms of communication, it is a very time-consuming process to have to communicate and message each candidate and follow up. For this reason, some of the more advanced organisations use digital assistants to interact with candidates, saving the need for human resources. Some chatbots are designed in such a way that it is difficult to determine whether we are chatting with a chatbot or a human being.

Screening resumes and selecting the best candidate is a time-consuming and less than 100% efficient process. As a difference, artificial intelligence makes decisions on previously collected information and certain algorithms and reduces errors and the possibility of achieving greater accuracy. In addition, unlike humans, machines can work 24/7 without interruption.

AI tools for human resources

From Qaleon we propose two tools for the human resources department of your company in order to improve productivity. One of them is Empleablewhich helps you to offer the best training to workers, with tailor-made training itineraries focused on objectives. Another one of them is iQALThis helps to provide a better diagnosis of the company's equality and therefore a better planning in the company's equality plan.