8 online courses for the most in-demand jobs in 2022

8 online courses for the most in-demand jobs in 2022

8 online courses for the most in-demand jobs in 2022

8 online courses for the most in-demand jobs in 2022


Training to improve employability and boost professional careers is becoming one of the most important approaches for companies and public institutions. In this new year that has begun, the most sought-after training is related to the most demanded positions in 2022 the boost or update of digital skills to meet the demand in the midst of the digital transformation era.

In addition to this transformation, the actions of the different public administrations, such as the recovery plans of the European Union through the Next Generation funds, the economic aid for companies through the Digital Kit or subsidies for the transformation of key sectors of the economy, are also part of this transformation.

This is generating a boom in demand for technical professionals who are linked to highly employable training.

Do you want to know which courses will help you boost your career?

Cursos de idiomas

Knowledge of other languages is one of the most demanded requirements in the Spanish labor market. Therefore, knowing languages is essential to be able to access and move up in the professional field. According to the latest InfoJobs report, 16% of vacancies request, as an essential requirement, knowledge of English. French is gaining strength with 4.5% and Chinese with 1%. German is another language in demand, but at 3.5%.

Cursos de gestión de empresa

Managing different parts of a company is very complicated. Team management, financial management or sales control are a must for the functioning of an organization. The economic recovery is increasing the demand for these profiles and the most demanded courses are MBA and FP in finance.

Cursos de marketing digital

The digital world through cell phones and computers has led the population to be able to perform tasks and activities with just one click. From ordering food, buying clothes, ordering a cab or even making a payment of 5 euros through a Bizum. All these actions have behind them a marketing specialist so that the product encompasses a series of qualities that give you a complete user experience. Courses in digital marketing, e-commerce, community managers, SEO and SEM are the most demanded by the sector.

Cursos de JAVA

It is the only programming language that works natively in browsers. That is, it allows you to implement complex things in web pages. JavaScript is more difficult to learn than any other programming language. Before attempting to learn JavaScript, it is important that you get used to related technologies such as HTML and CSS.

Cursos en ciberseguridad

Security attacks are becoming more and more common. Data protection is a matter of urgency for any organization. This is why IT systems security and data protection has emerged. It is an expanding, growing and in-demand field for all companies. It is important to know the basics of network and system administration, everything that is computer security and to monitor threats and implement security solutions.

Cursos de Logística y gestión de productos

During the pandemic there has been a boom in consumption through different platforms that has generated a high demand for logistics professionals. Warehouse handlers, order pickers, warehouse handlers, route stockers, carriers, forklifts, delivery drivers and traffic managers are some of the most sought-after positions in product management.

Cursos de BI o data science

It is a training that serves to use the most advanced techniques in artificial intelligence and machine learning, to solve complex problems and thus obtain valuable information for decision making in many sectors. These are courses that improve employability with an optimal salary.

Cursos de cloud computing

In charge of managing cloud storage, networks, services and infrastructures, configuring advanced services such as automation, high availability, replication and data protection, using virtualization technologies. It is a professional profile highly demanded by companies in any sector this year 2022. Numerous courses are taught with Google or Microsoft certifications.

In all these courses for the most in-demand positions in 2022, it is important to be able to take advantage as much as possible of the economic resources made available by the company for our training.


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