7 steps to find an ideal candidate profile


7 steps to find an ideal candidate profile


To find the ideal or perfect candidate, it is imperative that recruiters develop a good recruitment and hiring strategy. In the past, finding a candidate was as simple as advertising in the newspaper and waiting. Today, attracting quality candidates for certain jobs requires building a strong employer branding strategy, also known as 'employer branding'.Employer Branding’.

1. Clearly describe the job offer

Provide candidates with a clear and complete job description. This will help us to attract the candidates who are most suited to the job offer. There are candidates who are very demanding with the information about the job and to make them interested in us, it is key to have this information. It is not only about listing the tasks and requirements, but also about the company culture and the value proposition of the ideal employee you want.

2. Define the ideal candidate

If you don't know who your ideal candidate or person is, it will be difficult to attract them. Knowing the characteristics, motivation, skills and preferences of these people is extremely important to find candidates who are a good fit for the company.

To find and attract candidates, you must first define what the ideal candidate for that position looks like. This process is based on creating the desired profile: who that person is, his or her skills, where to find him or her, what he or she can bring to the company, etc.

3. The key: involve current employees

It is important to ask the company's employees why they like working at the company, find out what appeals to them and use this to attract potential candidates. Our employees are the best brand ambassadors; people's comments convey more trust than what the company says. Therefore, involving employees in the employer branding strategy is a good tactic to find candidates quickly.

4. Use a marketing tool

It is a very difficult task to find the ideal candidate. Tools are used to streamline that process and make it more efficient. The most useful and effective tool is recruitment marketing software, with which you can build strategies such as inbound recruiting and networking with candidates. Sending useful and interesting information to candidates is a good way to strengthen the employer brand and communicate the value proposition to the employee.

5. Optimizar el sitio de su oferta para el candidato ideal

Candidates come to your site showing their interest, so we must have a site that is visibly aesthetic, with orderly information and interesting content. It is very effective to inform about the project the company is working on, use videos showing the work environment, employee testimonials, show the team, etc.

6. Recruitment tools

Today we have at our disposal different recruitment tools that look for the candidate that best fits the job offer and includes a list of talents. One of them is artificial intelligence that allows us to detect the ideal candidate based on variables that any person is unable to detect. The traditional manual search requires a lot of time and effort and fails to find the perfect candidate. With a recruitment solution, the search process will be much faster and more efficient. 

7. Use employee referral programs

References attract interested candidates. It is very effective to include employee references in the recruitment strategy to attract quality candidates more productively and effectively.

If you want a fast and efficient process of search and selection of candidates, you must take into account these steps. This strategy will not only help us to attract quality candidates but also to select the one that best fits our job offer. In addition, it speeds up the process, thus saving time, money and effort.

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