5 communication trends to seduce consumers at Christmas time


5 communication trends to seduce consumers at Christmas time


Christmas is synonymous with gatherings, family exchanges and gift shopping. For brands, it is a commercial opportunity not to be missed. Here are 5 ideas to seduce consumers effectively in the run-up to the holidays and take advantage of these dates to maximise your profits.

Redesigning your website with Christmas motifs

Online sales are constantly increasing. Take the opportunity to dress up your e-commerce and your social networks with Christmas colours. Visually, they should be attractive and give prominence to snow, gifts, trees, garlands... Modify your header photos, adapt your logo, change your profile picture on social networks... Make everything more fun to arouse excitement. In addition, it helps SEO and to climb positions in Google.

Create a digital catalog

You can also create a digital catalog to present your collections. This will increase your visibility on the Internet in the run-up to the vacations and improve your image. Surround yourself with professionals (photographer, graphic designer, etc.) to make sure you have quality images that stand out. An interactive year-end catalog can be shared like any other content: on social networks, via email, through a newsletter, on a blog or simply on your website.

Offering video content

Video is an essential tool in communication strategies. It has a great impact and easily captures the attention of users, especially thanks to the empathy and sense of proximity it creates. Today, there are many formats: Instagram stories, Facebook or even TikTok videos. In terms of content, you can share gift ideas by linking to your store's products, reveal your brand's secrets, offer a virtual tour of your offices, collaborate with influencers, show how they prepare Christmas orders in your store, etc. Don't forget to add subtitles to your videos. Most consumers are on the go with their smartphones, in a waiting room or anywhere they can't turn on the sound.

Launch your own company podcast

End-of-year celebrations are an opportunity to communicate in a different way, to adopt a lighter tone. This marketing tool offers endless possibilities to tell stories, create emotions in the audience and arouse their interest under the right conditions. Above all, choose topical issues that are relevant to your target audience, use short formats, be creative and daring. Take inspiration from your blog's editorial strategy and from the content that has generated the most visits.

Collaborate with an association

Finally, now that Christmas is approaching, you finally have the opportunity to collaborate with an association. There are several possibilities. You can donate a percentage of each sale to the cause of your choice or offer customers the opportunity to make a donation to a charity during the purchase process. It is also possible to donate the same amount to charity for each product purchased. Some companies plant trees. There is a lot to choose from, and partnering with a charity is a great way to raise awareness, entice consumers to choose you over your competitors.


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