3 reasons why employee experience should be taken into account

la experiencia de empleo

3 reasons why employment experience should be taken into consideration

experienciq empleado

A recent study published by Harvard Business Review shows that companies that invest in improving the employment experience perform better.  They have a higher retention rate and growth than those companies that do not make any kind of investment or interest in this topic.

Most companies neglect employee engagement as a strategic cost-cutting objective and focus instead on generating revenue. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, it is often counterproductive as it results in a fairly high turnover rate.

Most companies neglect employee engagement as a strategic cost reduction objective and focus on generating revenue. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, it is often counterproductive as it results in a fairly high turnover rate.

When employees join an organization, they want to be treated as growth partners and want their skills and abilities to be used to achieve shared goals. When this happens, they tend to connect with the company emotionally and give their best in terms of productivity and results, rather than just working for their paycheck. This also creates a high-trust culture within the organization, which makes employees feel important and less concerned about their position in the organization.

That's why employee engagement is considered key to a company's success and should not be overlooked at any cost. Here are three reasons why we believe it is so important to improve your employees' experience:

1. You are competing for qualified people, including those who already work for you.

There are many jobs available in the marketplace, and there is always a shortage of talent to fill those positions. Companies are willing to offer anything to get employees to stay. This means that recruiters may be contacting your best employees right now to get them to switch companies.

And how do you make sure that doesn't happen? By creating an attractive environment for your employees. Make them feel more attached to you and think twice before joining another organization, even if they are offered a better salary.

It is important to collect employee feedback and experience data and implement an effective employee engagement strategy. It is always better to retain your current employees than to lose them to the competition, which is the worst-case scenario for a company.

2. The future of your company depends on your employees

There is no disputing the fact that your employees are the driving force behind your organization's growth and success. The moment they stop being connected to the organization, your business could stagnate or plummet.

Therefore, if the company is not focused on making all employees feel like they are working towards the same goal with the same vision, it may be slowly driving them away. Therefore, it is critical to take steps to find out how your employees feel about working in your organization and what you can do to improve their experience during their stay.

3. Your employees also invest in you.

There was a time when employers treated their employees as if they were doing them a favor by offering them a job. Today, to some extent there is no shortage of jobs in the marketplace, and employees have choices. So the "feel lucky to have a job" approach no longer works.

Today's employees have the upper hand, and they are the ones who invest time and effort in the company and its goals. And when they do so much, it's essential to make sure they have a better experience while at your company. Organizations like Google, have incorporated best practices to improve their employees' experiences. Google focused on breaking down barriers, fostering creativity and collaboration, all while focusing on one important factor: transparency, thus helping their employees feel empowered. Many companies can take note of the experience of these brands on how to develop a culture that promotes employee engagement.


While some companies have begun to realize the importance of employee experience. Others have yet to figure out how the experience they provide their employees affects their growth and success. And once they do, they'd better start paying attention to employee engagement.

That's why at Qaleon we help companies to generate engagement and well-being with employees at every stage of their Employee Journey and to manage talent retention. The important thing is to change the mindset to drive a new corporate culture.