Identify the ideal technology candidate in one click

It is a Qaleon solution that helps companies find the 21st century technology talent they are looking for.

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Easy to use

What value does AlizIA bring to you?

Profiles and skills that are most in demand in the marketplace

AlizIA identifies profiles and skills that are most in demand in the market, anticipating companies to be more competitive.

Viaualización de puestos más demandados y skills mas demandadas en el mercado
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TOP 10

AlizIA provides you with a ranking of the candidates that best match your job offer.

Selection by skills

AlizIA finds you the candidate based on the skills you have selected.

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What sets us apart


We reduce the time of the selection process in a more effective way and following objective criteria.



You will have the candidate you always wanted to have, with reliable results and a lower dropout rate.


We offer a number of competitive advantages that are not currently available in the market.


It provides the most accurate and up-to-date selection, ensuring the most suitable profile for each vacancy.