6 advantages of using sales management software for businesses

6 advantages of using sales management software for businesses

In a market where sales planning, monitoring and forecasting activities are becoming increasingly complex and, above all, where companies are looking for formulas adapted to their potential customers, many companies are turning to solutions to boost the performance of their sales processes.

That is why at Qaleon we have developed Qanto, a business intelligence solution that helps to manage the profitability of the commercial network through an accurate knowledge of sales in real time through any device. The benefits of using this solution are multiple:

1. Organized database
This solution provides accurate sales information and insight into customer tastes and needs. With detailed information on customer characteristics and preferences, this sales management solution allows you to get the most out of every interaction and make decisions based on real-time, up-to-the-minute data.

2. Sales forecasts
Inadequate information leads to inaccurate sales forecasts. Good sales management software records data efficiently and provides important information that makes it easier for salespeople to make more accurate forecasts to achieve their sales targets.

3. Improving sales team performance
Allows your team to focus on sales instead of worrying about other types of necessary but repetitive tasks where there is no clear value contribution. It has the ability to automatically set follow-up reminders, schedule necessary tasks for the sales process and delegate tasks to team members.

4. Improved internal collaboration
It allows you to summarize all the work done by the sales team and present that information in a way that everyone involved can understand what the team is doing as a whole. Easy access to this information reduces the need for time-consuming meetings, while allowing everyone to get involved and become an important part of your business.

5. Greater flexibility
It makes it easy for the sales team to view new assigned leads and update their data. They can access the system anytime, anywhere using mobile devices. Therefore, salespeople will not need to delay their work because it is just a click away.

6. More structured sales cycle
It makes it easy to identify qualified leads and which ones to focus on. The entire sales team can seamlessly monitor lead status and sales progress, as the information they need can be seen at a glance.

In this digital era, it is essential to have real-time information because delays in taking actions and decisions can cause the company to miss good opportunities.