Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources

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Artificial intelligence is being used across industries to improve efficiency and drive time and cost savings. Human resources is not left out, currently artificial intelligence is being used more and more to ensure better results. Below we will look at some of the advantages that IA brings to HR, both for the candidate and for recruiters.

The quality of hiring for a company is a very important factor because it depends on the value that employees will bring to the company. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the quality of the recruitment of candidates is improved, since more data can be collected on each candidate and thus evaluate them more effectively valuing, among other things, their skills and experience using special algorithms.

The system compares different data sources, such as experience and skills, with the candidate’s job performance and ability to provide recruiters with a better understanding of the quality of recruitment. With this, recruiters, in addition to spending less time doing monotonous tasks, will be able to go beyond an interview, improving their focus on difficult to measure metrics such as recruitment quality.

In terms of communication, it is a very slow process to have to communicate and send messages to each candidate and keep track. For this reason, some of the most advanced organizations use digital assistants to interact with candidates, which saves the need for human resources. Some chat robots are designed in such a way that it is difficult to determine whether we are chatting with a chat robot or with a human being.

The selection of resumes from an immense number of them and the selection of the best candidate is a time-consuming process and does not become 100% efficient, unlike the artificial intelligence that makes decisions about previously collected information and certain algorithms and reduces errors and the possibility of achieving accuracy to a greater degree. In addition, unlike humans, machines can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without interruptions.

Recruiters spend an entire day each week searching for candidates for a particular job position. AI’s ability to break down and analyze large data allows recruiters to filter and pre-select candidates much faster and more efficiently. Different AI tools allow recruiters to better understand subjective factors such as a candidate’s actual abilities.